The Royal Institute of Management was established as the country’s apex management training institute and has been mandated to “impart, promote and improve professional knowledge and skills in management and administration in both public as well as private sector in the nation” towards complementing the achievement of our national goal. As the country’s only management Institute, it is entrusted with the task of developing management and public administration by conducting training, consultancy, research, and advisory activities and services. It was incorporated as an autonomous Institute under the Royal Charter, 1990. The vision of the institute is to be a premier centre of excellence in management development and policy research in the region and with the mission to develop socially and professionally responsible and proactive leaders and managers with holistic values and competencies In line with the vision and mission, the institute aspires to offer innovative management programmes capable of producing graduates who can create new opportunities and ventures, undertake research, consultancy and advisory services and be recognized as a ‘think tank’ in management development. Also serve as a confluence of management knowledge and practices providing effective interfaces between public, private and civil societies. Furthermore, to be recognized as a leading management institute in the region with a special focus on ethical governance and serve as a model management institute in terms of its outlook, programmes, facilities, technologies and systems.