• Date: Aug 2017

January 13, 2017

On 12th January 2017, Ms. Pem Lama, Director for Research, Communication and Finance of the GPP Bhutan project, presented about GPP and to the staff of Royal Audit Authority where around 70 senior audit officials were present. The audience were first made aware of the basic concepts of GPP, given an overview of the GPP Bhutan project and the findings and recommendations that came out of the project. Furthermore, the presentation covered topics that were especially relevant for the auditors such as governance and GPP.

Procurers who hesitate introducing GPP criteria most commonly cite deviation from the standard procedures for procurement as the reason to be cautious, as it would result in audit observations. Auditors, however, agree that it is a misconception as they audit against clear guidelines and rules that exist. Therefore, so long as GPP is practiced under a clear and uniform guideline, it will not result in audit observations. Procurers also fear that introducing new GPP criteria in tendering may compromise on the core principles of procurement such as transparency, accountability, integrity, fairness and competition.  Thus, through sensitising auditors about GPP, the project aims to establish a common understanding of GPP among auditors, so that the governance and monitoring of GPP is understood clearly by officers who will be responsible for ensuring that the core principles of procurement are not compromised in the practice of GPP.

A similar sensitisation was done last year in January 2016 to senior audit officers following bilateral discussion with the Auditor General on GPP.


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